Get your beer brought to you without a slave

We love robots just about as much as we love beer and this new product comes close to combining the two. First shown at the 2008 CES in Las Vegas the RC Remote Beer Cooler is just like a remote control car but with a Beer Cooler (read Esky in Oz or Chilly Bin in NZ) on top. The video above shows the unit in action at the show and if that tickles your fancy you can now preorder them. The unit runs on two C size batteries with the remote taking a 9 volt job. the cooler’s center part is made of a soft insulating material so the whole unit folds down to a¬†flatish pancake shape. So if you dont have a butler, wife or kids to bring you a beer we recommend you invest in one of these… or just walk to the fridge, its your choice.

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