A Japanese beer fairy who enjoys beer – of course!

We have absolutely no idea what’s going on here but its got something to do with beer and we are rolling around the floor laughing at the stupidity of it all. From what we can work out Beer-Chan is the little yellow guy with the beer and he is the Beer fairy. Now don’t just watch the You Tube video take a look at the website for the Beer Fairy it is ridiculous, we are sure as the Telly Tubbies make sense on Speed the beer fairy will make sense on beer- you will probably need a bit though! Enjoy the fun
If you do nothing else today at least go to this site: http://www.san-x.co.jp/charageki/beer/images/Beerchan.swf We would love to hear your comments- drop us a line and tell us what you thought and send the our link to all your friends they will love it!

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