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Franziskaner is the oldest privately owned brewery in Munich and has a proud tradition, dating back over 700 years to 1363, where the brewery set up by Seidel Vaterstetter diagonally over the road from the Franciscan monastery, hence the name Franziskaner.  In 1841the brewery moved to more modern premises in Munich’s eastern suburbs at Lilienberg.  Franziskaner has been a proud brewer for Oktoberfest, with it’s first brews appearing way back in 1872, they produce a beautiful golden yellow beer especially for the event from a old Viennese recipe ideal for summer drinking.  Franziskaner beers are easily identified with the distinctive Franciscian Friar monk on the label, this was originally painted by Ludwig Hohlwein back in 1935 and has remained an important icon ever since.  The brewery produces a number of beers including their most popular the Weisse wheat beer,  Hefe Weisse Hell, a Dunkel and of course the Oktoberfest brew which appears at the end of Summer each year.  They are all top fermented and use no nasty chemicals or additives as stated in the German Purity Laws for beer.