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Pabst Blue Ribbon

Today we are drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon in the sunshine overlooking the magnificent San Francisco harbour.  This beer is a American style premium lager or pilsner which originated from Milwaukee in Wisconsin, but today is part of the giant Miller Brewing Company and is brewed in six locations around the USA including is now base Woodridge in Illinois which is west of Chicago.

Pabst originated back in 1844 and in 1893 made a bit of a name for its self at Chicago’s World Columbian Exhibition.  Pabst claimed they won the America’s Best award but others say they picked up a bronze medal for attending. But too much beer has been had since and the story is now legend and it doesn’t really matter.  The Beer was at its peak in the late 1970s when over 18 million barrels were produced annually. Over recent years it has a resurgence of popularity due to its push towards the youth market with inroads into social media and the like. The beer is probably more popular in the major US cities than in the rural areas.  For those who care about their waist line Pabst also produce a low carb version called Pabst Blue Ribbon Light which has less calories and about about a third less of those nasty carbohydrates.

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