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NYC’s Indian River Light

As we mentioned on an earlier story one of our favourite Brew Pubs in New York City is the Pony in Hell’s Kitchen, well another is Heartland Brewery which are found in about seven locations all over the city.  We tried the Times Square, Radio City and Empire State Building pubs but the one we loved the best was in the historic seaport district on Fulton Street overlooking the tall ship museum. The choice of beers was fantastic and this Indian River Light was one of the highlights.  The pub is housed in a building that dates back to about 1812 and has been beautifully restored with rich timbers, old time charm and some lovely breweania on the walls. Food is pretty good too but it’s the beers we have been visiting for.  The Indian River Light is like a Belgium beer it has a hint of coriander and orange amongst its fruity and aromatic flavours. The beer is a mid-strength beer having only 3.9% alcohol and it is also low carb having about 25% less of those nasty carbs than the normal beer.  The beer is has a low carbonation which makes it pretty easy to knock back and enjoy.

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Hoppy and the Bear Bear

Well after yesterday’s story on Japanese Beer we thought why not have another one. This time its Hoppy. Well it’s not really a beer, in fact it’s nearly alcohol free (0.8%) but it tastes and looks pretty much like a beer.

The beer like drink is actually a distilled beverage and is quiet popular in the izakaya or Japanese pubs where people don’t want to drink too much alcohol. But the drink is sometimes mixed with shochu which is a bit like sake to give it an alcoholic kick; this is very popular in some of the nightspots and karaoke bars.  Hoppy offer a few different flavours of their beverage, including a black bitter and sweet drink which is very like a dark ale and also quite tasty.