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Oh Christmas Ale, Oh Christmas Ale

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Check this fun video out its a couple of guys giving tribute to their favorite Christmas beer- Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale.  Great Lakes Brewing comes from Cleveland Ohio and have brewing great beers for about 20 years. They are Ohio’s most celebrated and award winning brewer- and looking at the passion of these guys in the video they must make a great beer.  Their Christmas Ale is available during November and December, it has a robust spicy style with honey ginger and cinnamon added to the recipe. The beer has a 7.7 alcohol volume and has won quiet a few gold medals at the World Beer Championships, 1999, 2006, 2005 and 2007. Its a great beer for the cold North American Christmas and goes great with all those rich Chrissy foods of the season.  See if you can get your hands on some for Christmas- as the final worlds in the song say it all…”In a few short weeks it will all be gone”

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Anchor Steam’s Christmas Ale


Anchor Steam Christmas Ale

Anchor Steam Christmas Ale

Back in 1975 the Anchor Steam Brewery in San Francisco produced their first Christmas Ale, Thirty four years later the 2008 Christmas Ale follows the fine tradition and is now available for the festive season. Every year the secret recipe changes bringing Christmas Joy between November and mid January. The beer is available in 12 ounce bottles, magnums and even on draught at selected pubs throughout the USA.  The beer has become so sought after many people collect the beers from season to season. Each year the label features a different tree which symbolizes the winter solstice which is only a few weeks away in  the Northern Hemisphere.

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