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The official state beer of China


Yanjing Beer Co Ltd is based in Beijing and is the largest brewer in Asia employing over 20,0000 employees. The company produces over 3.1 million litres of beer alone and are one of the major sponsors of this years Olympic Games so expect the name to be well know by the end of the games in August. The beer is quiet popular throughout the world but Tsingtao is usually the most stocked of the Chinese beers. Nether less the Yanjing is a good beer with a smooth malty taste with a touch of honey and hops. As you would expect it goes well with spicy Asian dishes and is best served a little colder than the average beer. It takes a bit of the sweetness off the taste. The new clear bottles have been specially treated to prevent ultra violet damage from the sun, but like all light colored bottles they are best kept in the dark. So next time you are out for some yum cha or sweet and sour chicken ask for a Yanjing you wont be disappointed.