Vailima Draught a Samoan delight

Vailima is a small mountain village in Samoa which is a lovely island country in the South Pacific a bit north of New Zealand and home of Vailima Draught. Now a Fosters Group company. The name Vailima comes from a local legend meaning Water in the Hand, the story goes that a couple was crossing Upolu which is an island over the mountains and the man was dying of thirst. The woman used the palms of her hands to fetch him some water to save him from dying. Anyway back to the beer, the Samoa Breweries Limited began operations only in 1978 it was a joint venture between a German beer company Haase Braurei and the Government, they bottled San Miguel for a while and now brew the Coca Cola soft drink range and EKU Bavaria under license. The Vailima beer in fact is a German Style larger which is a very refreshing taste in this beautiful piece of south Pacific paradise.

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  • ' rel='nofollow benge peautagitama

    valima is an awesome beverage when it is chilled really chilled.Its cheap in samoa its great a crispy taste goes down great better than v.b australia needs to import it VAILIMA its great .

  • ' rel='nofollow willie y.

    it is. is there anywhere where they sell it here?(syd).. i heard there was a few places importing over here. but i dont know if its all lies or wat.?

  • ' rel='nofollow Arthur Rozynski

    I collect beer labels and beer coasters from pacific island countries. Have you any for sale or exchange? Labels and coasters you can get in each Customers Service of pacific breweries. Anybody can help me?
    All the best Arthur

  • ' rel='nofollow ApiaJoe

    Is there anywhere in Auckland you can buy Vailima?

  • ' rel='nofollow Ron C. Lewis

    Too bad it’s not exported to California. Three trips to Sa’Moana resort, Upolu… And it’s the first thing we look for. Valima and surf, in that order! So stoked to drink a few Valima’s after a long day of surfing… So cool!

  • ' rel='nofollow Euphrates05

    loving this all time fav…but where can i buy it in bulk??

  • ' rel='nofollow hannah

    can you buy vailima beer in new zealand?

  • ' rel='nofollow john smith

    Loved this hearty lager when I was in Samoa.
    Now, where can I buy it here in Calif?

  • ' rel='nofollow john smith

    Loved this hearty lager when I was in Samoa.
    Now, where can I buy it here in Calif?

  • ' rel='nofollow Ronz

    I just returned from a weekend in Samoa, i must admit vailima is a very refreshing lager and it goes down well, it is also available in NZ at the liquor shop near Middlemore Hospital (just before radiology unit) **Enjoy responsibly**

  • ' rel='nofollow Vailima Lover

    Hey people, Vailima has got a facebook page and its very informative. Great beer!