Guv mea a sex puck uf Speights bro


There’s only one thing South Island New Zealander’s really love is Speights. Originating from the beautiful city of Dunedin the beer is known as the Pride of the South. Now we all know there are thousands of New Zealanders in England, well they couldn’t get a Speights there so they had to resort to drinking Steinlager or even worse Fosters. Over 500 emails protested to the Speight’s company so they decided to send a pub on a boat to London to stop them whinging jam packed full of tasty Speights. The 10 week world voyage took in Samoa, Panama, New York before reaching London in October.

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  • ' rel='nofollow henry

    good on ya mate.

    hava warm one.

  • ' rel='nofollow Larry (Lungworm)

    I grew up in Kaitangata, 80kms south of Dunedin, and the common beer was Speights. I grew up drinking it and never really liked it. I preffered D.B. Waitamata, which was far better. Speights was not good at all. It is no wonder that my old man prefered fortified wine by the half gallon jar. I now live in Aussie and have done so for the past 23 years and I make my own beer. Far better than Speights….. Lungworm