Chimay with some tasty cheeses


 The Bieres de Chimay or the Chimay Brewery was founded inside the Notre Dame de Scourmont abbey in Chimay in Belgium back in 1863 and are regarded as on of the finest brewers in the world. The Beer was brewed by the Trappist monks who also made some of Belgium’s finest cheeses including a beer cheese. Today the brewery is a far cry from the past and produces 120,000 hectoliters of beer every year. The Peres Trappistes or Chimay Blue is regarded as the finest of the beers, its fairly strong with a 9% alcohol content and is a dark ale. It is known as the ‘Grand Reserve of Beers’ The beer like good wines and of course Chimay cheese is best kept for a few years from brewing to develop the rich and smooth taste. It has a rich and fruity flavor which some say is quiet peppery. The beer is one of Belgium’s most popular and is a lovely beer to relax and enjoy like a good port and served in a wide open mouth glass which will allow all the aromas and flavors explode into a beautiful bouquet.

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