Budejovicky Budvar the real Budweiser


Budejovicky Budvar (or Budweiser Budvar) is one of the Czech Republic’s favorite beers and the Czech’s love their beer and are know for being the world’s biggest drinkers, yes even bigger than the Germans. The brewery dates back over 700 years with the Budweiser Budvar brewery dating back to 1895. The name Budvar has caused a bit of controversy over the years with both the Czech company and the US Anheuser Busch company using Budweiser as their trademark. There has been several lawsuits from both sides, now The US company trades in some countries under the Budweiser banner and the Czech in others. In the USA and Canada the Czech product is called Czechvar bit it is the same refreshing beer that you would find in Europe sold as a Budweiser.

The most popular of the Budweiser products is the Czech Premium Larger this is a light beer which a high hop taste. The unique flavours come from the Zatec hops and special Moravian barley, not forgetting the crystal clear waters of the Czech Republic. The beer is perfect ice cold and has a 5.0% alcohol reading.

 Website: http://www.budvar.cz/en/index.html

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