A Sweedish beer for Easter


 In the small village of Pilgrimstad in the north western regions of Sweeden is a microbrewery which is making quiet a name for itself called Jamtalands Bryggeri. The brewery only started operation back in 1996 and produces small batches of high quality beer. They have won many awards at the annual Stockholm Beer festival and are regarded as one of Sweedens’s best breweries. One of their specialties is their Easter beer called Paskol which has just gone on sale again this year. Brewed every year this lovely and beer has a dark nutty colour with a creamy head and has a fresh hoppy taste with a sour aftertaste and is very nice on the pallet, it is similar to many of the Scottish Ales which are very popular throughout the UK. The beer can be found outside Sweeden although not the easiest beer to find. Try your Sweedish specialty store- even Ikea might be worth a go, many of them sell beers and you might even pick up a cheap couch or kitchen suite.

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