Brewing – The Ingredients – Malt

We have decided that Thursdays will be brewing day on Hoppsy. Every Thursday we will have a story which will help you brew your very own delicious beer in your spare room or shed.  If you have any tips which could help other brewers start up or improve their brews please drop us a line, we would love to hear from you! We are firstly going to talk about ingredients today’s ingredient is Malt.

Malt is made from cereal grains including wheat and barley, rice or even maize, barley is the most popular in beer productions but many brews use a combination of malts and different types of the same grain. The malting process occurs when the grain wet and is allowed to germinate quickly. It is then dried in a kiln before the plant develops too much. Sometimes grains are toasted to make darker beers adding additional colour and flavor to the brew. The malting process develops special enzymes what are required to turn the grain’s starches into sugars and also enzymes that help break down proteins that the yeast needs to do its work. For the unexperienced brewer you can purchase  what is called malt extract from your brew shop where the malts have been made into a syrip like product  where you only need to add water and yeast and additonal sugars to produce your brew.

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