Visitors Stories Week – Bluetoungue Beer

You might remember a few weeks ago we ran a story about Blue Toungue Beer, well Tess at Blue Tounge’s advertising company was kind enough to send us a few interesting facts which we thought our readers might be interested in. – thanks Tess

The West Requests the Best; Bluetongue Supplies

Bluetongue Premium Beer expands into the Western Australian market following consumer demand

27th July 2009: Bluetongue Premium Beer is expanding into Western Australia (WA), a move driven by local beer drinkers’ thirst for distinctive premium beers. Bluetongue is seeking to capitalise on beer trends in WA which are being driven by consumers open to trying new beers and who want more premium beer brands to become available.

York Spencer, Bluetongue Marketing Manager, says, “Western Australians have a pretty adventurous appetite for new and interesting beers and are now embracing more premium beer brands in their market. Bluetongue is perfect for occasions that reflect a more sophisticated but laid back lifestyle, like the quintessential Aussie backyard barbie.

“We know that Western Australians are astute drinkers who appreciate a distinctive Aussie beer with real brewing credentials which compliments the Australian palate, food and lifestyle. Bluetongue is the perfect fit for WA’s warm, outdoor climate.”

Bluetongue Premium Lager is the fastest growing traditional lager brand in the Australian premium beer market, with off premise sales figures outstripping those of their key competitors including James Boag’s Lager and the Coopers range. Bluetongue Premium Beer’s brand growth is up by a staggering 127.6% Year on Year , according to figures from AC Nielsen, within a market in which some big name brands are in decline.

Spencer says, “Our drinkers are modern and appreciate premium quality but are still unpretentious, it’s about what’s inside that counts. Bluetongue is being really well received around the country because it is genuinely a great tasting, premium Aussie beer that doesn’t take itself too seriously; it’s an engaging brand with a sense of humour that translates across all states. No doubt Bluetongue will be warmly received in WA as well.”