It’s the Beez Neez

Over 4000 years ago ancient civilizations like in Babylon and Egypt celebrated by adding honey to their beer brew. In fact the word honeymoon can be traced back to these times when the bride’s father would fill his new son in-law full of the honey mead which would give him all the energy he would require for his after wedding celebrations. It was believed the honey mead was an aphrodisiac. Today there are quiet a few honey flavored beers entering the market and Beez Neez from Matilda Bay in Australia is one of the best. It has a very tasty blend of premium malted barley and malted wheats forming a pale ale and the addition of some light honey added to the kettle. The beer is delicious remarkably fresh tasting with a distinct honey taste. The Matilda Bay Brewing Company started in the Western Australian town of North Fremantle, just outside of Perth in Western Australia, today it is part of the huge Australian Fosters Group.

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  1. #1 Maria
    on Dec 23rd, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    One of my favourite beers of all time!

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