Follow the white rabbit

Not only has this beer got a great name its pretty dam tasty too. White Rabbit comes from the tranquil hills of Healesville in Victoria Australia whose brewery is part of the Little Creatures group. The rabbit comes in two types a White Ale and the one we have photographed today the Dark Ale. The Dark had a very rich malty taste and a bit of a hoppy bite, very nice indeed. The beer is made using the open fermentation process which helps give it the complex and rich taste. The beer has a 4.9% alcohol rating and can be found in bottles including a 600m big bottle. Selected pubs and restaurants have this beer on tap, but with its great taste and catchy name news will get around and we will be seeing a lot more of the rabbit.

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  • ' rel='nofollow carlos rivera

    Where did you find the 600 ml. bottles?

  • ' rel='nofollow Rocky

    Im sure the bottleshop down the road from me has them…i’ll check it out when im down there next just to be sure im not confused. Im sure they are in the big bottles like the Little Creatures…stand by for confirmation

  • ' rel='nofollow charlie sheen

    what is in the pigs mouth, is he winning?