Black is back

Over 150 years ago dark beers were very popular and in recent times they have made a bit of a come back with people wanting to try something a bit different to the general draft beer, with a bit of flavor and richness. Well the Fosters Group in Australia is producing Carton Black which is very reminiscent to their beers of around 1835. This great beer contains drum roasted malts and uses traditional top fermentation to produce a gem. The beer is not a strong tasting beer like Stouts or other dark beers it is quiet fruity and even smooth. It uses top quality Pride of Ringwood hops and has some beautiful dark coffee aromas well worth looking out for when next in an Aussie pub. It is available both in bottle form and on tap at many good establishments.

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    they reckon one you have black you will never go back. Can anyone verify if this is true??