Sun Dog Amber


The huge American Anheuser Busch Company has just launched a limited lime spring ale onto the US market which it hopes will make a bit of a hit with people looking for something a bit different to drink this spring. Called Sun Dog Amber Wheat the beer is a wheat beer which uses caramel malt giving it quiet a amber hue and subtle sweetness. The beer contains both Hallertau hops which are imported and Pacific Northwest Hops and is unfiltered. The label is pretty cute with a dog wearing sunnies, t-shirt and shorts holding a Frisbee. The beer is supported in the pubs with some pretty cool marketing with the dog and dog paws, including great beer glasses, banners coasters and the works. Look out for it in your US bar next time you want a interesting beer.

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  •' rel='nofollow Laura Goslee

    amheuser-busch.comWill you be able to buy Sun Dog Amber Wheat Beer in the stores in Michigan??? If so what stores will carry it? I checked on and I could not find any information. I understand sun dog beer will come out this spring.
    Please inform me as to the status of this beer.
    Thank You.