Miller Craft Beers not too far away


With the huge success of Miller Chill, the Miller Brewing Company had decided to produce three craft beers, including a Miller Light Amber, a blonde ale and a wheat beer. It was hoped these beers would reach the market around September this year, but the products have been delayed for a while just for a bit of a tweak and to refine the marketing strategy. The beer is going to be tested in a few cities including Baltimore, Minneapololis and Milwaukee just to get to get things right for a full US rollout a little later. The major US breweries, like many breweries around the world have noticed a big increase in boutique and specialty beers in recent years and have also noticed many beer drinkers are happy to pay a little more for something different- so it will be interesting to see how these beers are received by the public when they reach the full market. Tom Long the president of Miller has been quoted as saying ” “A slower, more deliberate test-market approach will give us the greatest opportunity to glean insights into the brand’s full potential and thus increase the likelihood of long-term success.” but we think these boutique beers are best to complement the main stream products and only need to be on market for a short while, people want to try a new product for a while then jump onto the next ‘flavour or brand’ of the moment. We think the larger breweries will do better making seasonal beers, that rotate or be replaced and reinvented over time…what do you think? drop us a comment with your thoughts….

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