Won’t somebody please think of the children… Duff banned Down Under


Hoppsy has featured Duff Beer several times before not only because we are huge Simpsons fans but also because there has often been a bit of controversy or excitement around the iconic beers sale. Read the rest of this entry »



Little Creatures Brewery Geelong

The Perth based Little Creatures has recently opened a east coast operation in Geelong Australia. The brewery is housed in a old woolen mill built in the early 1920’s. Not only does the brewery make some delicious beers it also features a wonderful canteen that has become one of Geelong’s favoirte places for a bite to eat and great beers. The place has quirky industrial feel and hosts markets and also offers tours of the brewery.

A Fursty Ferret

Today’s beer is Badger’s Fursty Ferret is a amber ale that originates from the UK. Brewed by Hall & Woodhouse it has a very distinct sort of nutty and sweet taste with even a hint of orange. Strange name- but tasty beer.


Be a Tap King

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In recent months Lion (makers of Tooheys, XXXX and James Boag) have been leaking details of an upcoming product aimed at the beer lover who would like tap beer at home but cant be bothered with a home brew set up. Known as Tap King, details about the system and a new website have just been put online ahead of the official product launch. The system uses a reusable tap assembly that attaches to disposable plastic refills that lye down on its side, taking up less space in the fridge than the mini kegs of Heineken and the like. Lion are hoping this system will be as popular as the capsule coffee rage. It looks like the system will launch with refill beers like Tooheys New and Extra Dry, XXXX Gold, Hahn Super Dry, James Boag Premium and James Squire Chancer. Check out the Comical Instructional Video above to give you a good look at how this new key system will fill up your fridge. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s a nice Arvo to watch beer being made

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Here is a great video of a beer production line filmed by tech blog gizmodo. The beer is named Arvo and is a new product by the Australian wine people behind the currently very popular Yellowtail brand. Jump on their link below to read the full story or watch the video of production line above.

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KegDroid the Beer Robot

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Here at hoppsy, our second love (after beer) is high tech gadgets and we hope that one day our beer will be served to us by our robot butlers. The guys in the video above have done the next best thing and created a home brew dispensing device in the shape of an android robot filled with some hobbyist electronics, an android tablet and a Near Field Communications reader. The robot is named the KegDroid and is able to dispense beer to pre-registered users who swipe their NFC card and then make a selection via the Motorola Xoom tablet embedded in the robots tummy. Pretty clever (and tasty) stuff there guys. Read the rest of this entry »

Penguins can sell beer

With St Patrick’s Day only a few days away I though I would do a search for some Irish beer ads, and I got no further than this cute Guinness advertisement with a bunch of penguins.

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Beer Jug Jokki Hour

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We at hoppsy (being Aussies) like a small head on our beer, but whenever we visit Japan we notice that the locals there love the head to take up a third of the glass. This must explain the need for this amazing product from Japan that helps you ruin improve your beers head automatically. From what we can tell there is some sort of spring loaded leaver in the handle connected to a disc in the bottom of the glass that must rattle about to cause the frothy goodness you see in the video above. The amusingly titled Beer Jug Jokki Hour is available soon from Japan trend shop, hit up the link below for a closer look.

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Classe Royal a Royal Class Dutch treat

Classe Royale is a premium larger from United Dutch Breweries brewed in Brenda in the Netherlands which is located between Amsterdam and Antwerp. The beer is s a classic pilsner with a 5% alcohol content and as its name suggests is a royal class or premium beer.  The beer is a classic European pilsner with light colour and a malty and somewhat sour taste not unlike that of Stella. There is also a non-alcoholic version of the beverage this has similar looking but silver can. The beer was first brewed in the 1960’s and is sold in about 30 countries around the world.